About Us

Team Ardor was registered under the “Registry of Societies” on 28 September 2015.

Team Ardor is a team of like-minded youths between 15 to 35,
full of vigor and vitality, passionate about serving the community,
locally and abroad, coming together for a similar cause, to give back to the society.

Team Ardor champions a wide variety of short-term and long-term community projects that will match your interest and put your strength to good use – bettering the lives of many! We are committed to developing your soft and hard skills, providing you with ample training opportunities, and helping you mingle with like-minded youths who want to make a difference!
Team Ardor strives to be the bridge between the schools and the social service sector.

At Team Ardor, we believe that when we put together amazing passionate young individuals, we ignite their youthful spirit and miracles will happen!If you are looking to spend your time meaningfully and develop yourself while putting a smile on the face of many others, join us and be part of our close-knit family as we play hard and serve harder!

Our Mission & Vision

Building up Singapore’s Social and Emotional Capital

To Rally and Empower like-minded youths who are passionate about community service

Continuous Volunteering, Heartfelt Service, Enriching Lives

Lives Empowered


Team Ardor provided me with an avenue for growth. Through my journey as a co-head for Ardor Myanmar 17, i had the opportunity to work with students from different background. Ardor Myanmar has a firm direction and thoughtful approach in overseas volunteerism. The objective of the project is to share pedagogy methods with local educators to empower them. This allowed us to provide a greater impact to the local education system. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with passionate individuals serving a greater cause
I've joined Team Ardor since 2015 and I'm glad to say it was a great learning experience for me. I entered Team Ardor through a friend because I was strongly motivated to volunteer for the society. However Team Ardor was not just an avenue to connect with beneficiaries / needy, it was also a platform for youths to grow and develop skills. It also has many interesting and creative ways of improving society's welfare, for example Ardor Buzz and Ardor Myanmar are both great models for anyone involved to benefit and develop. Team Ardor engaged us in many events that gave us the opportunity to learn and grow as leaders, team members and planners. This journey opened me up to the importance of group dynamics, organization structures and how youth-initiated societies functioned. Personally, through challenges I learnt how to balance my priorities and better manage my time while fulfilling my roles in Team Ardor. I am glad Team Ardor consisted of friendly and motivated youths that were always open to share and teach. I wouldn't hesistate to encourage like-minded friends to join Team Ardor!
Volunteering with Team Ardor has enabled me to showcase and develop my skills and talents via hands-on work for the Ardor Buzz events. Furthermore, I am now aware of various social issues in Singapore due to the exposure that Team Ardor has given me, igniting an interest to assist communities in need of help. Team Ardor has also enabled me to fulfil my desire to help people from the ground-level, along with giving me the experience of working with a volunteer organisation, which requires a lot of commitment and hard work, dissimilar to my experience working for corporate companies.
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